Volunteer Tasks

Here’s a brief description of what’s required for each of the tasks to keep the food bank running.  If you have any questions, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at sevenhills.communitypantry@gmail.com.

Pantry Opening Days
The food bank opens at 11am on Fridays so please arrive at the specified time for your task.

Vegetable pickup – Between 10:00am and 10:30am the produce must be picked up from a location in Warkworth and taken to the food bank for sorting.  Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for details about the pickup location.
Kitchen (arrive at 10:30am) – Prior to opening, the produce must be unpacked and sorted.  Other tasks include repacking large items for distribution (eg, eggs, sugar, flour, coffee, oil, etc.).  Please also put on a pot of coffee for clients and staff, then assist clients as they select their produce, and clean up the kitchen after closing (wipe down countertops and sweep floors).
Hospitality (arrive at 10:30am) – Client registration and visits will be recorded on the Link2Feed software.  Pick up the intake package from the pantry room.  For each client, complete either a weekly or monthly intake form, verifying the number of people in the household, and highlighting requested food items.  Check the past visits in Link2Feed to ensure that each client gets a box only once a month.
Intake (arrive at 10:45am) – Get the list of extra items from the packing person.  Offer these items to clients as they come through but limit the number of items depending on the family size.
Packing (arrive at 10:45am) – Gather and pack food items listed on the intake form.  Remind clients to bring their own bags and to bring back empty egg cartons.

Food4All Warehouse Pick up
The bulk of our food comes from the Northumberland food distribution centre in Cobourg.  Our pickup dates are the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 10:30am.  If you are scheduled for the pickup, please arrange to be at the warehouse at our allotted time.

Pantry Unpacking
Food that has been picked up from the warehouse will need to be restocked on our shelves and freezer.

Fundraising Events
From time to time the food bank will hold other fundraising events and volunteers will be asked to help with various tasks.  Your contribution is very much appreciated!