Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long has  7 Hills Community Pantry been in existence?
We began in 2005 as a mobile food unit operating out of the back of a vehicle. In 2007, St. Jerome’s Catholic Church became a temporary distribution centre.  In 2009, a committee formed to deal with the day-to-day business of the 7 Hills Community Pantry, which was relocated to St. Paul’s United Church.

2. Who runs the Pantry?
There is a Board of Directors with representation from the community at large.   Other volunteers make the day-to-day running of the Pantry possible.

3. Who can come to the Pantry for food?
Anyone in need can come to the Pantry.  Our mission is to provide nutritional food, support and resources to our community through confidential and compassionate sharing.

4. How often are you open?
We are open every Friday from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

5. Where are you located?
We are located at St. Paul’s United Church, 60 Main Street, the Gathering Place entrance.

6. Would you turn away anyone who comes for food?
No. On a first visit, if the individual is not eligible to register with us, we accommodate their food needs and redirect them to the food bank in their own community.  If appropriate, we provide information regarding Community Outreach contacts.

7. How often can a registered client visit?
A client can visit the Pantry twice a month or more frequently by special arrangement.  However, they are eligible to receive only one complete hamper each month.  On subsequent visits, only core items (milk, bread, eggs, and meat) are provided, although there may be some additional items that will be given when we have a surplus on hand.

8. How many households do you serve?
The number of households served each month varies from 20 to 30. One household could include adults with or without children or a single person.  The number of individuals served each month varies from 60 to 90, 30% of which are children.

9. How much food is distributed to a household?
The amount depends on the size of the household, and it equals a five-day supply of food.

10. Where does the food come from?
About 50% of our food comes from our membership in the Northumberland Food 4 All Warehouse, about 20% is non-perishable items donated by individuals and organizations in the community of Warkworth.  A further 25% is purchased with the help of monetary donations from individuals and organizations in the community, and about 5% comes from monetary donations from organizations such as the United Way.

11. How much money is needed to operate the 7 Hills Community Pantry for a year?  How is that money used?
Our budget of $18,000 per year covers expenses such as the purchase of meat, eggs and milk on a regular basis, as well as weekly purchases of grocery items that augment items supplied by the Food4All Warehouse.  We pay $925 per year for our membership in the Food4All Warehouse in Cobourg, and as a full member of the Ontario Association of Food Banks (OAFB) we have access to the OAFB distribution network giving us the opportunity to participate in bulk purchases negotiated by the OAFB.  Additional expenses include rent, the maintenance of a fuel fund for food transportation, and the purchase of office supplies.

12. Who can I contact to make a donation (either monetary or food items)?
You can call us at 705-924-2077, email us at sevenhills.communitypantry@gmail.com, send a cheque to our mailing address, or donate online at http://www.CanadaHelps.org.

13. How can I become a volunteer?
Please call, email or fill out the contact form on our web site.