Our shelves are starting to look bare

We are looking for the following Items.

Peanut butter
Kraft dinner
Cans of fruit
Cans of vegetables
Chunky soup
Pasta sauce
Juice boxes and packages of apple sauce and fruit for children’s lunches
Personal care items

Give us a call at (705) 924-2077 to arrange for a safe pick-up or drop-off time.


Carolyn Lee

4 thoughts on “Our shelves are starting to look bare

  1. Janice Hendy

    Would like to donate (cheque), but postings of your hours are very confusing. Have driven to Warkworth only to find the food bank (or church) closed. Do you plan to open Wednesday, Dec. 23rd as posted? Will not donate online – too many scams, lack of privacy, no follow up, incorrect info, etc. Would appreciate a receipt of receiving cheque, please, (and as well expect a 2020 charitable receipt for income tax purposes on a later date). Thank you!

  2. 7 Hills Community Pantry Post author

    Hi Janice,

    Sorry to hear you found a closed door.
    Yes we are open tomorrow. From 10am to 1pm. I’ll be there and I can give you a tax receipt for your donation. Just ask for me,

    Thank you
    Rene van Oosten, Treasurer


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