Thank you all for your generosity over the Holiday Season!!!

A big thank you to all of you!!!
For helping us help those in need over the Holiday season.

Because of you we were able to hand-out 25 Christmas Hampers that included a Turkey and all the stuffing’s.
With the help of the Giving Tree, Warkworth Pharmacy and the Secret Santa we handed out Christmas Gifts to 17 children.

Thanks to the church communities for all your donations.
Thanks to the WBA and merchants of Warkworth for their generosity.
Thanks to our neighbours and friends for dropping off clothing and toys.
Thanks to the gentleman who told his family “I don’t need anything. Donate to the food bank instead”
Thanks to the Warkworth Community Service Club.
Thanks to everyone who donated food and turkeys to our food drive, money to our fundraising campaign and to our volunteers who sorted, packed and distributed it all in time for Christmas.

We truly are blessed with a thoughtful and caring community.

The 7 Hills Community Pantry (Warkworth’s Foodbank) wishes you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.


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