Kraft Food For Families Initiative

Every day, from November 1 until December 31 you can go the the Kraft website,, and add your name to the list. Select Northumberland Food For All and they will get $0.50 for each submission. There is a limit of one submission per person, per day, regardless of the email address used.
We would appreciate your help in spreading information about the Kraft Food for Families initiative which is designed to provide donations to participating food banks across Canada. For example, last year the Salvation Army Food Bank in Owen Sound, Ontario, received 23,232 online signatures and the $10,000 bonus donation!  In our area, the Northumberland Food for All Warehouse provides over 50% of the food distributed by the 7 Hills Community Pantry to clients in Warkworth.
Please share this link – tell all your friends, coworkers and family.  This is an easy way to help the warehouse receive a substantial donation from Kraft and it does not cost you a cent.  Now is your chance to help feed more people in our community!  Thank you.

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